A Princess Party for the Royal Wedding

Did any of you watch the Royal Wedding?

My daughter, Jessica, and I had a Princess Party to watch the big event! I stayed overnight at her house Thursday.

At 3:00 am Friday morning we got up and prepared to watch the royal event.

The TV was set to the proper channel (although the wedding was being broadcast on SEVERAL channels!) (Note the time on the bottom left of the screen!)

Jessica set her computer up to show two live web sites of the wedding.

The dogs were wondering why their mommy got them up at three-in-the-frigging morning!

I made tea.

We had some sweets.

And of course, we had tiaras!

Soon Venus settled down next to Grandma. She wasn't interested in all the hoopla.

I mean, seriously, how could she not get excited over this?

Or this?

Jessica and I were riveted to the screen. We hated to take a potty break, but with all that tea drinking, we had no choice!

Kate looked so gorgeous in her wedding gown. It was simple, but beautiful.

I sure hope she can withstand the pressure of Royal life and that their marriage will last. They looked so much in love!

Pretty soon the littlest princess woke up.

"Grandma princess!" she said.

"Do you want to wear your crown?" I asked Lily.


So I handed her the crown and this is how she wore it.

Mommy adjusts her crown.

Thanks Mom!

Lily really liked my crown. I gave it to her and this is how she wore that one. My true little princess.

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