All for the love of a dog - Part Three

You may remember my post about Nickoli, my twin sister's dog.

You can refresh your memory here.

After the devastating loss of Nickoli, my sister found another dog that she could love named Benny.

That was Part II. Benny is at a shelter in Indiana right now, being treated for a bad case of heartworm. Benny did well after his first treatment. But today he is having his second treatment, which includes a shot this morning AND another shot tomorrow morning. A double-whammy. It should knock the heck out of him, and again, he'll be on restriction for a few weeks. But I'm sure he won't mind, as long as Bloom is by his side.

Who is Bloom you might ask?

Well it seems that Benny has fallen in love. Not to be confused with "Benny and Joon".

But "Benny and Bloom", the new twosome at the foster home. Two unlikely dogs, down on their luck, one with a questionable background (Benny), one from a family, (Bloom)but due to economic conditions had to give her up, met at the foster home and fall in love.

When my sister, Pam, and I met Benny a month ago, Bloom was already at the foster home. She had recently been rescued by the foster mom,Chris, who raced all the way up to Michigan to rescue Bloom from a shelter that was ready to kill her by gas in a chamber. This is a horrible and painful death. (I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt to her previous owners that they didn't REALIZE it was a kill shelter; but I'm kind that way.)

Bloom was depressed from being away from home. Benny was very, very sick when he was picked up after wandering around 10 days at a fairground and eating out of garbage cans. Both dogs happened to be rescued and brought to the same foster mom.

Much to Chris's amazement, Benny and Bloom developed a friendship. They followed each other all over the yard. One night Benny was inside the building, but Chris didn't realize that he was INSIDE Bloom's cage. When she checked on them in the morning, they were sleeping side by side. They are now inseparable. Bloom has snapped out of her depression. Benny is in love.

Chris and Pam kept in contact via e-mails on Benny's progress. Chris told her about Benny's new love. How one day Bloom took her paw and scraped food out of her dish to give to Benny. Who ever heard of a dog sharing her food?

The director of the shelter sent e-mails to Pam, too. She spoke of how well Benny was doing. She, too, wrote about Bloom, and the two dog's companionship. She wrote, "Would you consider taking both dogs?"

And a seed was planted.

Pam had never intended on taking two dogs. She's never had two dogs at one time. Could she do it? Was it hard?

She mulled over it for a few weeks. But the more she thought about it, the more she was leaning towards giving a home to Bloom, too. But the deciding factor would be how the two dogs reacted when she was with them, and loved on one of them. We set out yesterday to find out.

It was a three hour drive to Indiana. Pam was so anxious to get there because she missed Benny so much. Plus, she wanted to meet Bloom.

Pam greeted Benny again. Benny had that, "Aw, Mom" look, like when a mom spits on a kleenex and wipes the kid's face.

Benny definitely had some pep in his step. He seemed so happy, not only to see us, but just in general.

Pam meets Bloom.

Bloom, too, is subject to Pami's smooches.

I don't think she minded one bit, do you? Either did Benny. He was nearby and didn't say a peep.

Bloom is a real good girl. She is very calm. She just sat there as Pam lifted up her lips and looked at her sparkly white teeth, poked in her ears, felt her whole body over.

Pam brought along doggie treats. She told both Benny and Bloom to sit. Bloom immediately sat down. Benny? Not so much.

Here's Pam trying to teach Benny how to sit.

He needs a little work.

Benny loves toys. This is one thing that he will not share. We're thinking that he probably never had a toy wherever he came from, kind of like a child in an orphanage. When he gets something, he's going to KEEP it! He doesn't rip up the toy; he carries it around with him. Here's Benny with his "bone". (Bloom is NOT interested in toys.)

The dog kennels are set up with an outdoor cage that is connected to a building with a little door. Inside the separate cages continue, each having a bed and their individual food dishes. The building is air conditioned. Bloom seems to like being in the kennel, and Benny likes being with Bloom. So Chris leaves the gate open to their cage and they come and go freely. This is how they sit usually.

Benny sits inside, peeking out at the love of his life, Bloom lies outside, protecting her friend.

How could you separate these two? Would you?

Pam decided to take them both.

Is she crazy?

Who knows. I just know that she loves dogs, and these two dogs deserve a good home. It's fate that brought the two dogs together and now they will live together in a very, very happy home.

We will make the final trip to Indiana in about three weeks to pick up the dogs. It will be an adventure for sure. Stay tuned for Part IV.
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