Peach Blossom Festival

Last Sunday Jim and I went out to Schnepf Farms for their Peach Blossom Festival. We could tour the farm by walking, taking the train

or a hayride.

We opted for the train ride because we could get off near one of the orchards and walk around.

First we passed the "U-pick" garden. The public can come in and pick from the garden, and the cost is $1.00/lb. All of the vegetables are organically grown. Here are people picking their own crop.

The train stopped for us and we got off near these Katy Apricot trees. They were not in bloom yet, but would be soon and the fruit ripe by the end of May.

Across the road from them were the peach trees in full bloom. They were beautiful, all in a row, with their odd shaped branches going every which way. That is a mountaintop all the way in the back of the photo. Enlarge to see more clearly.

A close up. Can you find the bee?

We followed a road off the main road for a little bit to a fenced in area where they kept a herd of fallow deer. I was surprised at how many were actually in the herd. Fallow deer are small in size - bucks ranging up to or a little over 3 feet tall, and up to or a little over 4 feet long. Their colors ranged from a lighter beige to a dark brown, but all had the white spots on them.

This was one of the larger groups that was sitting under the shelter for shade.

We hopped back on the train as it came back around and went back to the main part of the farm.

There was a delicious smell wafting on the air and looking over, I saw these guys cooking up a storm on the grill. Looks like hamburgers and chicken breasts.

After ordering your food, one could sit down and enjoy eating it in the picnic area, either under the large shelter or in the sunshine.

Between the grill and the picnic area sat this inviting bench. It just begged to have it's picture taken.

Next to the bench stood this gate, opened as if saying, "C'mon in!"

The palm tree that is casting its shadow in the picture above.

When I walked through that gate, I found a small reflection pond with a few koi fish swimming around. It was so peaceful.

This is the general store at the farm. They sell things like preserves and honey.

But their specialty is pie. You can buy it by the piece.

Or a whole pie.

People could scarf down their pies either outside, or here

or here.

The store had a lot of neat things inside like this wine rack filled with blue bottles.

Or this old dresser with three mirrors on top.

I wanted to stop at the petting zoo, and we saw these peacocks in a cage on the way over there. Why is it that the male bird is so beautiful and the female bird is so plain? Life is just not fair!

Hi, hi, hi, hi! Happy to see you! Got anything to eat?

Ewe's not fat - ewe's just "fluffy"!


It was a beautiful day, and we had a nice day touring the farm.

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