Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!

It was another scorcher here today in the Midwest. Reached a high of 91 degrees with high humidity. The kind of day that makes it seem like you never put on any deodorant  and your underwear sticks to your butt. YOU know what I'm talking about.

The kind of day that our air conditioner can't possibly keep up, even though we're only living in 400 square feet of space. What can I say? I'm a hot MOMMA!

So Jim and I decided to go to an afternoon show. Usually we take turns between seeing "Chick" flicks and "Dick" flicks.

But this time I made a bold move. I saw a movie on my own. I wanted to see "Bridesmaids" and Jim wanted to see "Pirates of the Caribbean". Although I love Johnny Depp, I didn't care to see another one of those pirate movies. So I suggested we go our separate ways in the theater. Both movies conveniently started at the same time.

I think I've gone to the show by myself once before. It was fine. I would NEVER go to a scary movie by myself. Who would hold my hand?

I was looking forward to munching my own popcorn at my own pace. I like to savor each piece of popcorn. Jim tends to gobble, gobble, gobble. That means I have to eat at the same pace so I can get my fair share. I know, sad, right?

Anyway, there was a long line and the movie was about to start. Jim said, "I don't need any popcorn. We just ate lunch. I'm going to my movie."

Well, geez, he NEVER says that when we see a movie TOGETHER.

I said, "Fine! I guess I don't need popcorn, either!" So we walked to our respective movies, which happened to be showing right across the hall from each other.

I stumbled into the darkened theater; the commercials were already starting. I tried to judge what was the center seat and plunked myself down. (You KNOW I have this thing about sitting in the exact CENTER of the row!) I tried not to panic figuring if it was, indeed, the center seat, and waited till the screen got brighter to actually count the seats. (I know, I'm weird.) I was exactly in the center. Gosh I'm getting good at this.

There was a total of four people in the audience, including me.

All of a sudden the screen went totally dark, but we could hear the sound. The previews had started.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love watching the previews. I want to know about the upcoming movies and if there are any that I really must see. Just when I was about to get up to complain to management about the problem, someone else stood up and said, "I'll go tell someone."

By the time the problem was fixed, we missed two full previews. Of course the "film" or whatever wasn't rewound  because time is of the essence, right?

Finally the movie started. It was pretty funny from the beginning. Kristin Wiig is a very talented actress and comedian. You may know her from Saturday Night Live.

image from Google

She co-wrote and starred in the movie. She has great comedic talent and reminds me of a young Meg Ryan.

But I have to say, the real scene stealer goes to Melissa McCarthy.

She is downright HILARIOUS in this movie! I don't know if you watch her on "Mike and Molly",

but she is so sweet and attractive looking on the show.

In this movie she doesn't wear any make-up, her hair is pulled back in a severe pony-tail, and she always has on pants with a shirt tucked in. The one thing that is the same is that she has a heart of gold in both the movie and the TV series.

I'd give this movie 3 out of 4 stars. It's funny. There is some slapstick humor in it, and it can be raw at times, so beware. It is rated "R".

We came home and although it felt cooler in our trailer, our thermostat read 86 degrees! Looks like we should have seen a double-header!
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