Happy Birthday to Me!

Why the daisies? Because it's my birthday. Yeah. But I'd rather be looking AT daisies than pushing UP daisies. You know what I mean?

Today I am turning the speed limit.

This seems so unbelievable to me. Is this true? Let me check my birth certificate. (receding footsteps......clomp, Clomp, CLOMP)

Yep. Looks like it's true. Born October 11, 1955. Hey, will you look at that! Born in '55 and turning 55. What a co-inky-dink! That oughta account for something, right?

It just seems like yesterday that I was 40 years old. Then I woke up today and BAM! I'm 55! What the hell just happened? My parents seemed old when they were this age. How come I'm not? Or at least I don't perceive myself to be old.

Is it because I married an older man, so I'll always be younger than Jim? Or is it because my twin sister, Pam, and I are the youngest out of the six kids in our family?

Jim signed me up for AARP (Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons) when I turned 50. I was so pissed off that I didn't talk to him for a week!

When my Dad turned 70, he told Pam (who was 30 at the time), "I may look old on the outside, but on inside, I still feel like I'm 21. You never lose that feeling that you're young. You may not understand that now, kid, but you will when you get older."

NOW I understand Dad.

Although I may have more aches and pains, I still want to blast my music and drive fast with the windows down, hang my head out the window, chew bubble gum, ride a bike, dance, tell naughty jokes, get drunk once in awhile, kick my feet through the fallen leaves, jump in puddles, gaze at the stars, build sand castles, ride on the back of a motorcycle, swing on a tire swing, jump on a bed, and maybe, just maybe smoke my first joint.

So I may be turning the speed limit today, but maybe the sign should look more like this:

So happy birthday to my twin, Pam!

Pat (left), Pam (right), 5 years old

Pam (left), Pat (right)

And to our brother, Bob, who had the privilege of receiving twins for his second birthday!

Happy 57th Birthday, Bob!

And as for me, this party girl is going to stay forever young. (hopefully!)

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