Whistle while you work?

Sure, whistling is cute when it comes from the lips of tiny Disney characters. But when it comes from a person's nose? Not so much. What makes a nose whistle? Is it caused from a stubborn boogar that won't come out? I blow and blow my nose, but the whistle stays put. According to Yahoo! Answers:
Any time you pass air over a constricted, or small enough opening, you're going to cause a whistling sound. Think of all the things that make that type sound and you'll find a spot where the air flow is forced through a smaller area making a whistling sound. That's what is happening in your nose.

So what that is saying is either my nostril has shrunk, or it is blocked up, right? Anyway, a whistling nose is an embarrassing condition. Remember as kids we could buy those little pieces of metal to stick in our mouth and every time we'd speak we'd whistle?

But without the danger of swallowing anything!When I have a whistle in my nose, I like to play a few songs for my family and have them try to guess what song it is, a "Name that tune" if you will. I usually just play "Jingle Bells" because it's pretty easy. Try it next time you have a whistle in your nose. You'll find yourself trying out all different songs.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who's nose is whistling at first. Wait, is that me? Or you? Deep down you're wishing it's the other person. THEN it's funny. YOU, uh, uh.

As mysteriously as the whistle appears, it then disappears and your day goes on as if it never happened. It's like we were musically gifted for an hour or so and then POOF! It's gone.

It's the only time I can whistle - too bad it's with my schnozz and not with my lips!

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