Three little words.....

There are three little words that would go far in our marriage, if only my husband would say them. They are not what you think - they aren't "I Love You." Don't get me wrong, I like to hear that every once in awhile. Nope, the three little words that my husband just can't seem to utter are, "YOU ARE RIGHT." He absolutely REFUSES to say these three easy words. Repeat after me. YOU - you, ARE - are, RIGHT - right. See? No problemo!

Here's the situation. We may or may not be having an argument. I tell him what I think; he tells me what he thinks. (snicker) When it proves that I'm right, I think he should say it - YOU ARE RIGHT. How hard can that be? Obviously, too hard. Because 9 times out of 10 he refuses to say it. Even when he sees how mad I get that he won't admit that I'm right! When I ask him why he won't say the words I want to hear he replies, "Because it makes you so mad!" Maybe he won't say the words because he has to say them so OFTEN. I, on the other hand, will easily say them to him. Why, the words just roll off my tongue! Granted, this doesn't have to happen too often, but still, I'll say the words.

Now, our good friends Pat and Bob, from Canada, have the right idea. Bob automatically says the mantra, "You are right, I am wrong, I am sorry." See? And they appear to be happily married.

Maybe Jim doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. You see, he's a real brain. An Einstein in the flesh. I still think that when he was born, he came out like Mr. Potato Head, all brain, then his legs and arms popped out.

He knows things that no average human being knows. His greatest asset is that he retains EVERYTHING. Me? I may remember that I READ something on the topic, but that's about it! So how can he be wrong, you ask? Well, frankly, the guy's got no common sense. He'll deny this, but it's true. I mean the man can explain to you what E = Mc2 is, but when I asked him to get the chicken out of the refrigerator he picked up a bag of parsley and said, "Is this it?"

It is wonderful to be married to a computer whiz who can answer any problem you may have with your computer. (Just ask my family who call him up all the time.) And you'd want Jim on your team if you are playing Trivia Pursuit. (My family doesn't fight over ME, I'll tell ya!)

On day it just seemed like Jim and I couldn't agree on anything. Finally I said to him, "You are so argumentive."

He replied, "Argumen-TA-tive."

So I hit him.
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