Sanger, TX or should I say "Singer,"? 4/14/09

Our favorite saying is, "Wherever you go....there you are!" No, actually, no matter where you go, you find something interesting. At least we do.

We were just staying the night in Sanger, TX. The campground was off of a country road in the small town, population just under 6,000. The campground was quite nice, set far back from the road with large spots to park.

The owner told us about a famous restaurant in town called, "Babe's" that served great chicken and chicken fried steak. He added that people came from all over to eat there because the food was so good and the waitresses sang to you. Well, this sounded better and better by the moment.

He said that there was a casino about 20 miles down the road. My eyes really lit up! Jim has to keep a rein on me because I could easily be a member of Gamblers Anonymous! But sometimes Jim's leash is like one of those choke collars you see on vicious dogs! I swear! What's $20 on the penny or nickel machine every now and then? And how can my ship come in if I'm never in the water? But I digress.

We decided to go to Babe's for dinner. The campground owner acted like we should be there when it opened (4:30)because of the crowds. Are we turning into old people or what?! I guess a Tuesday night is really not swinging, as there was just a handful of people there at that time.

There were a couple of gift shops next door to the restaurant, but I didn't go inside of them. They looked interesting from the outside, though.

I was so excited to hear our waitress sing! I asked her what she was going to sing and she explained that she was not one of the waitresses to sing. As a matter of fact, none of the singing waitresses were there yet. It seems the waitresses sang more on the weekends. Too bad!

The way Babe's works is this: they don't have menus but offer five kinds of entrees: fried chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken strips, catfish, and some kind of beef. Then they serve you family style mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, green beans, and biscuits. Jim had the chicken fried steak and I had the fried chicken. Both were excellent. They have four different kinds of dessert and we had the chocolate pie. Again a wise choice. Yumm!

We didn't make it to a casino :( I ended up putting my quarters into a washing machine instead of a slot machine. What's wrong with that?! Yep - we sat there doing laundry at the campground that night. While the clothes were in the dryer, I walked down to see the horse that was fenced in down the hill. He was dirty, but curious about me. He would eat the grass from my hand, but wouldn't let me pet him. When I leaned over to pull the tall grass, he nuzzled my hair.

Just another day in middle America.
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